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Magnaclean & Magnetic Filters

images-1It is advisable to fit these filters on all heating systems to prevent sludge and debris entering the heating components i.e. Pumps, radiators, boiler heat exchangers, by not fitting these filter the components life can be shortened

How it works

Modern central heating systems with high efficiency boilers are clean, efficient and economical, but ONLY if operating at peak performance. The natural process of black iron oxide build–up soon impairs performance and eventually clogs the boiler and radiators.

The majority of systems suffer from black iron oxide contamination. This creates thick sludge deposits that are the result of corrosion taking place within radiators and other metallic components. The oxide particles range from very large to sub-micron with the latter leeching into the system water continuously during use.

Cutting heating energy bills by up to 6% per year

How it works in seconds!

Magnaclean Filters - How They Work

Black iron oxide sludge is deposited in a container…

The MagnaClean Professional filter is placed into the container…

Within seconds the water starts to clear as MagnaClean Professional sets to work…

After just ten seconds virtually all sludge has been trapped and the water is clear…

The MagnaClean Professional filter is removed for easy cleaning.

These filters really can prolong the life of your heating system