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Power Flushing

Kamco Power Flush

Does your system  suffer from any of the following?

The Solution 

We can carry out a powerflush without any mess or major upheaval due to our Kamco power flush machine which enables us to connect to your system either by removing the heating pump or a radiator, which means we can flush the whole system without having to remove additional radiators.

Strong magnetic filters catch sludgeAs can be seen from the picture on the right, two strong magnetic filters which are fitted inline with the machine, catch and trap any sludge which pass them removing the iron oxide (sludge) out of your system.

Our Kamco power flush Machine works on high flow rates and not high pressure which greatly reduces the risk of leaks.

Whilst flushing we add a sludge remover chemical which dissolves and mobilises the rust, sludge and corrosion deposits which accumulate in systems as a result of gradual decay. Once we have all the sludge removed from your heating system and on our magnetic filter we then flush with clean water until each radiator runs clear and the PH levels are correct, we then neutralise and inhibit your system.

We are a user of Kamco powerflush equipment and have successfully completed their training course.

All boiler manufacturers now advise that heating systems should be flushed on new  boiler installations. If this is not carried out it can invalidate the boiler warranty.


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